Impeccable Dilemma

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #89

Impeccable Customer Service Dilemma:

A front-line employee (think hotel clerk or restaurant host) is engaged with an in-person customer and then their desk phone starts ringing … and no other employees are in sight. What should that person do?


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  1. “Please give me just a moment to answer this…”Good evening, XYZ hotel, how may I help you?….Great, just give me a moment to assist another customer and I’ll be glad to assist you.”
    I’m sorry about that, sir, let’s finish our transaction…”

  2. Ken Howard says:

    1. Excuse themselves to answer phone.
    2. Answer phone and politely ask caller to hold. If you feel certain that in-person conversation will take significant time, ask for callers name and number so you may call them back.
    3. Finish conversation with in-person client and respond to caller.

  3. Bev Nerenberg says:

    I was going to say exactly what Ken Howard said. Would show very poor customer service to each customer if the phone caller gets no answer AND if the in-person customer sees how the caller is treated by ignoring the phone.

  4. What Ken said

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