Impeccable Feedback

Customer Experience Tip #1309

It’s not enough to track feedback formally. We must also have a system for capturing things informally, through everyday customer conversations … the bad AND the good.

Impeccable Collaboration

Customer Experience Tip #1308

Are you feeling stumped on how to handle a unique customer experience pitfall? Sometimes it’s necessary to collaborate with others and remember that you’re not alone. The answers are never too far away. We must remember to ask for help from our peers when we’re feeling stuck.

Impeccable Guidance

Customer Experience Tip #1307

Whenever you’re feeling as if you may have lost your audience (i.e., your customer or client), reel them back in by asking questions and then pivot your presentation around their answers in order to keep them engaged.

Impeccable Feedback

Customer Experience Tip #1306

Your customers and clients may love you and your firm, in general. That said, ask them, “What is one thing that we could be doing better?” You’ll narrow their thinking to solicit a response and they’ll appreciate you for caring enough to ask.

Impeccable Commitment

Customer Experience Tip #1305

“Build a business that puts its people first. Work with partners who share your same progressive and inclusive values. Focus on delivering a great customer experience, and success will come. Make business a force for good. Stay positive; attitude is everything.”

–Richard Branson

Impeccable Feedback

Customer Experience Tip #1304

Employees need to see that their hard work is making a positive difference for customers. Show them and remind them of the great stuff … instead falling into the common trap of harping only on the bad stuff.

Impeccable Thoughtfulness

Customer Experience Tip #1303

How much of what you are doing for your customers is reactive … rather than proactive. Consider the many golden opportunities that already exist to anticipate their needs and prove your expertise while also demonstrating partnership and thoughtfulness.

Impeccable Loyalty

Customer Experience Tip #1302

If you’re dangling carrots in front of would-be customers in hopes of earning their business, then what are you doing for existing customers to acknowledge their loyalty … and earn their referrals?

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1301

Check in with your customers CONSISTENTLY. Don’t be like that restaurant server who only engages, smiles, and checks in at tip time; when dropping off the bill. It’s the “courtship” that will set you apart and make you more memorable.

Impeccable Relevance

Customer Experience Tip #1300

“It’s the company’s responsibility to arm the salespeople with stuff that matters to the customer.”

–Bob London, Chief Listening Officers