Impeccable Growth

Customer Experience Tip #1466

“Bigger isn’t better. Better is better. When you lead a team that’s genuinely focused on better [customer experiences], bigger naturally comes along for the ride. In other words, bigger should be the result of better.” -Craig Strent, CEO of Apex Home Loans

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1465

Without any visual cues, the person on the other end of the phone can only surmise your energy and mood based on your voice tone. Are you smiling and demonstrating patience in your tone … or is your tone implying that you’re rushed and/or annoyed?

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1464

Customers would like to feel that you’re glad they called. Is that coming through in your voice? …are you sure?

Impeccable Hiring

Customer Experience Tip #1463

What’s the best way to surround yourself with people who are committed to delivering remarkable customer experiences? Hire only those who are kind souls and born to serve.

Impeccable Anticipation

Customer Experience Tip #1462

It’s silly to expect customers to anticipate their own needs. You must do that FOR them. Make it your goal to have them feel as if you’ve thought of everything.

Impeccable Philosophy

Customer Experience Tip #1461

“We just want people to look forward to their next visit. That’s what really matters.” Elon Musk

Impeccable Humility

Customer Experience Tip #1460

When a customer points out an error you’ve made, apologize for the error. Don’t hesitate, don’t pass the blame, don’t gloss over it, don’t ignore it, and don’t get frustrated. Just own it. It’s unsettling to that customer when you don’t own it and apologize.

Impeccable Energy

Customer Experience Tip #1459

If your products/services are something you used to get excited about, where has that excitement gone? Bring it back and share it with your prospects and customers. That kind of energy is contagious … and necessary.

Impeccable Formula

Customer Experience Tip #1458

We often hear the term, “Organic growth.”

Simply put, when a company that delivers consistently remarkable customer experiences, while offering high-quality, high-value products and services and subsequently realizes growth in the number of people it’s serving over time, that’s organic growth.

Great products/services + Positive reputation = Increased business

Impeccable Communication

Customer Experience Tip #1457

When someone calls you for an update (which you should be proactively providing whenever possible), don’t cut them off only to say in a harried voice, “Let me call you back in 5 minutes.” … and then take longer than 5 minutes to call back. You’ve just eroded the relationship in these 4 ways: 1) not being proactive in the first place; 2) cutting them off mid sentence; 3) giving them the impression that you’re now annoyed; 4) overpromising on the time of your call-back. Don’t be THAT person.