Impeccable Scheduling

Customer Experience Tip #1388

Instead of e-mailing the message, “When’s a good time for our call?” offer up 3 time/date options. As a result, you will eliminate the typical back-and-forth, get a quicker response (even if none of your proposed times work), and remove the majority of the critical thinking from the other party … especially critical when that other party is your customer or client.

Impeccable Evidence

Customer Experience Tip #1387

Anyone can declare that they provide a superior customer experience as a competitive advantage. But your prospective customers and clients want proof of that. If they cannot find that proof online, then you’ll have to provide some compelling evidence in other creative ways.

Impeccable Social Proof

Customer Experience Tip #1386

If you’ve done work for lots of customers, a negative online review is bound to show up eventually. Don’t let it get you down. As crazy as this may sound, it’s actually working in your favor by adding credibility … as long as you have plenty of positive reviews to prove to the world that you’re great to work with — prospects will likely conclude that, “That negative reviewer must have just been an anomaly.”

Impeccable Surveying

Customer Experience Tip #1385

“Spending time and resources gathering customer feedback is only a good investment if that feedback is  used to improve service and drive organic growth. Simply taking a temperature of your customer’s experience (“How did we do on a scale of -10?”) or asking, “Would you recommend us?” will not give you the data you need to make improvements.” –Stratmor Group

Impeccable Outlook

Customer Experience Tip #1384

Are you servicing transactions or building relationships? It’s an important question. After all, your approach and mindset prepares the stage for you and for those you serve.

Impeccable Leadership

Customer Experience Tip #1383

Regardless of which department you serve inside of, you can choose to affect the customer experience in a positive way. Be the leader. Lead your own charge. Others will (eventually) follow. And then – when you make up the majority – the “misfits” will fall away.

Impeccable Quest

Customer Experience Tip #1382

All companies have some — if not much — room for improvement. You’re never done. Remember, customer experience isn’t an initiative, it’s a quest.

Impeccable Communication

Customer Experience Tip #1381

Word choice is key. Consider that every word you choose is either bringing you closer to your customer or pushing you further away. Choose wisely.

Impeccable Care

Customer Experience Tip #1380

“We know that your customers will put up with imperfect, but one thing that they’d like in return is for you to care … Acting as if, doing it with effort and consistency, is what your customers need from you.” –Seth Godin

Impeccable Empathy

Customer Experience Tip #1379

If a customer is telling you that they’ve been let down (by your company and/or by one of your coworkers) and you don’t apologize immediately in that moment, then the customer will assume that what they just shared with you is “normal” at your company. Listen. Apologize. Solve. Thank.