Impeccable Differentiator

Customer Experience Tip #1428

“Here’s a sign I’ve never seen hanging in a corporate office, a mechanic’s garage or a politician’s headquarters:



We care more.


It’s easy to promise and difficult to do. But if you did it, it would work. More than any other skill or attitude, this is what keeps me (and people like me) coming back.” –Seth Godin

Impeccable Consistency

Customer Experience Tip #1427

What’s one thing you do from time to time within your process that you know impresses those customers? Why aren’t you doing it more often than just “from time to time?” Can you do it for ALL of your customers?

Impeccable Anticipation

Customer Experience Tip #1426

Having an FAQs web page is great but it’s not enough. Handing your client a printed FAQs page is great but it’s still not enough. Start a dialogue with your client and walked him through the process — including the questions that you often see arise — until they’re comfortable with it all.

Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #1425

If you’ve been reading these daily tips for a while then it’s likely that your antennae are now raised regarding what you notice as a customer yourself. That is a powerful shift. You are a part of this “conversation” through heightened awareness. In order to get your whole team on board, you must invite them into this same conversation.

Impeccable Rapport

Customer Experience Tip #1424

Is your smile so genuine that it’s contagious? That kind of a smile has the power to cause your customers and clients to smile WITH you. And when everyone is smiling together, all is well; even shortcomings and mistakes are more likely to be forgiven and forgotten.

Impeccable Retention

Customer Experience Tip #1423

“It’s almost impossible to grow if you’re losing customers, and I don’t care if you’re selling one-time items like kitchen cabinets. It’s your job … to innovate and come up with ways to hold on to customers.” –Ingar Grev

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1422

Sarcasm is only acceptable within an established relationship of mutually-understood humor, and even then it can be a slippery slope when engaging with customers and clients. Sarcasm as a first impression can be extremely off-putting. Probably best to avoid it altogether.

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1421

It’s okay to have a difference of opinion from your customer. But if that’s all you ever do, then you may be perceived as a contrarian, which — as you might imagine — isn’t all that attractive.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1420

Talk about your customers and clients behind their backs. It’s a healthy thing to do. #PositiveGossip

Impeccable Leadership

Customer Experience Tip #1419

How often are you inviting your team to discuss their own experiences as customers? Using this as a regular conversation starter is one sure-fire way to keep the topic of customer experience inside of everyone’s awareness.