Impeccable Intel

Customer Experience Tip #1370

“I recommend that you devote a section within each customer file and label it ‘customer intelligence.’ It’s the area where you train your team members to record appropriate information about your customers to deliver an experience your customers have never seen before.”

–Michel Falcon

Impeccable Alignment

Customer Experience Tip #1369

Don’t align yourself with an affiliate product/service provider unless you’re absolutely sure they will be representing you well. Know that the type of experience they deliver to your customer is reflective of you and your firm.

Impeccable Communication

Customer Experience Tip #1368

If you’re feeling that there’s even a slight chance your customer is feeling neglected when it comes to communication from you and your team, it’s probably time to pick up the phone and check in. Don’t delay. Follow your instincts.

Impeccable Attitude

Customer Experience Tip #1367

I’m just trying to help you!” shouted no helpful person ever. Helpfulness should be rooted in kindness.

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1366

Take it easy. Professionalism is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to be completely “buttoned up” at all times. Lighten up and let your personality come through and you’ll find yourself connecting with your ideal prospects, customers, and clients more quickly and easily.

Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #1365

“Getting the customers’ true perspective will help you create a clear market position, value proposition and differentiators, so that your company will no longer sound like everyone else in your market.”

–Bob London, Chief Listening Officers

Impeccable Social Proof

Customer Experience Tip #1364

Let’s say 20 – 40% of your online reviews from customers aren’t favorable (that’s only 1 or 2, if you’re sitting on a total of 5). If you don’t believe that is costing you potential business, you are in the dark. Trouble is: most (happy) people will not think to post a review until asked to do so. Many upset people WILL think to do so. You must do your part to protect your online reputation by proactively inviting your customers and clients — the ones who love you — to review you.

Impeccable Choice

Customer Experience Tip #1363

You need your customers more than your customers need you. They have choices, and most don’t have the patience or willingness to suffer through a lackluster customer experience for long.

Impeccable Distinction

Customer Experience Tip #1362

Customer experience and customer satisfaction are not the same thing. The “experience” is a holistic view of the entire customer journey. “Satisfaction” is a bare-minimum requirement within the experience.

Impeccable Sustainability

Customer Experience Tip #1361

Your customer experience is the single greatest predictor of whether people will return and refer others. This means the experience you are creating is the single greatest predictor of whether you will remain in business and grow.