Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1606

A phone that rings more than 2 or 3 times isn’t only disappointing to the caller, it looks bad (and serves as a distraction) to anyone nearby who’s hearing a phone go unanswered for so long … like that customer in your reception area. #FirstImpressions

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1605

“Service surrounds us. It’s the relationship between your organization and the people you serve. And while you can’t force people to feel a certain way about your brand, you can design your service to create the experiences and impressions you want your customers to have.” –Melanie Bell-Mayeda & Ilya Prokopoff, IDEO U

Impeccable Training

Customer Experience Tip #1604

Often, what makes that front-line person exceptional is an innate ability to deliver remarkable service and ultimately WOW customers and clients. Innate abilities are generally unconscious; something for which that person may not have as much self-awareness as you’d imagine. Don’t be so quick to promote this person to become a trainer to others. Trainers must be trained on how to train.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1603

Trying to create “buy-in?” Your people will support … what they help to create.

Impeccable Acknowledgement

Customer Experience Tip #1602

When more than a few customers are telling you that they are annoyed with your process, it’s your process … it’s not them. #DontShootTheMessenger

Impeccable Meetings

Customer Experience Tip #1601

In order for group meetings to begin (and end) on time, we must arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time … not AT the start time.

Impeccable Mission

Customer Experience Tip #1600

“Show up… when you are expected to, in a helpful way, with a positive attitude, seeking to help create a great customer experience. Do that well and you’ve already started to separate yourself from your competition, and you have a better chance of having me as a lifetime customer. Done poorly, your ‘lowest price guarantee’ is worthless to me.” –Pete Smith, Smith Impact

Impeccable Approach

Customer Experience Tip #1599

It’s good to be an expert on your product/service and it’s important to be kind. That said, a lack of expertise can be forgiven. A lack of kindness … not so much.

Impeccable Hiring

Customer Experience Tip #1598

Whenever you find yourself in that dilemma of choosing between two job candidates — neither of whom appear to be the ideal fit — always remember your third option: keep looking. #Don’tForceIt #CultureFit #Don’tSettle #WorthTheWait #CustomerExperienceAptitudeMatters

Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #1597

It is — of course — important to provide help when asked. A really important part of your job (and a powerful differentiator), though, is being aware and noticing when someone might need that help and offering it proactively.