Impeccable Details

Customer Experience Tip #1501

“Customer loyalty is created by the numerous micro experiences the Customer has with a brand. Employees need to focus on how they can provide a positive experience on EVERY interaction.” –John DiJulius

Impeccable Promotions

Customer Experience Tip #1500

When running a contest or promotion, keep it simple for participants. Don’t inadvertently undermine the spirit of its customer-centricity. Consider limiting yourself to no more than 3 rules. Avoid minimums, avoid legalese, and avoid promotions that insult existing customers by favoring only the new ones.

Impeccable E-mailing

Customer Experience Tip #1499

If your prospects, customers, and clients didn’t agree to be placed on your e-mail listserv then it’s not OK to add them. Invite them, letting them know what’s in it for them. Let interested parties opt in willingly. Anyone else will be annoyed (at best) that you’ve begun e-mailing them without their consent.

Impeccable Rapport

Customer Experience Tip #1498

When you are face to face with a customer, client, or prospect, pay attention to the direction of your feet. Pointing your feet in the direction of the other party says (in a very subtle-yet-effective way) that you’re engaged and interested.

Impeccable Rapport

Customer Experience Tip #1497

Do your customers, clients, and prospects feel understood. There’s a real lack of understanding and the patience and active listening that’s required in the first place. Want to build rapport? Work to make people feel understood.

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1496

“I don’t think service companies set out to deliver bad service. Many of them are really good at what they do, and are simply unaware that how they dress, communicate and act are all important parts of their service offerings.” –Michael F. Vandall

Impeccable Referrals

Customer Experience Tip #1495

Asking for referrals from clients after they’ve had the chance to see what you’re made of firsthand (those who’ve had a remarkable experience of their own) is fair and can be effective. Asking for referrals from a client (or prospect) who has not yet seen what you’re made of is inappropriate, ineffective, and typically viewed as a real turn-off.

Impeccable Communication

Customer Experience Tip #1494

Try to avoid making blanket statements (written or verbal) that will leave your customers wondering if they are among those affected by a more exhaustive and/or longer process due to unique circumstances … or whether they are (hopefully) the exception. Instead, personalize your announcements and responses whenever possible.

Impeccable Attitude

Customer Experience Tip #1493

The best way to hide your customer frustrations is to not have them in the first place; let them go altogether. Such frustrations do not serve the customer, your coworkers … or you.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1492

How many (more) of your customers will have to endure a lackluster experience before you let that ‘bad apple’ go; that misfit employee who can’t help but undermine the customer experience? Not every employee is a perfect fit for your culture, especially when you’re completely committed to providing exceptional service and remarkable experiences.