Impeccability: How to Create Remarkable Customer Experiences, Raving Fans & Increased Profits

“The secret to capturing market share lies in how impeccable your customer experience is … consistently.” -Steve Dorfman

Impeccability as a Brand: Google simplified search and today its sites account for more than 6% of all of the world’s Internet traffic. Apple’s products, retail establishments and customer experience all draw rave reviews and the company continues to increase market share. In fact, Apple recently posted record first-quarter revenue of $46.33 billion. Starbucks is so committed to its patrons that in late 2010, it enacted a new policy prohibiting baristas from creating more than two drinks at a time (only starting a second one while finishing the first). And Nordstrom has become the benchmark by which other companies measure themselves. It isn’t unusual to hear a business owner say, “We aspire to be the Nordstrom of the __________ business.”

Engineering Experiences that Exceed Expectations:
Leaders come to Steve Dorfman to explore what impeccability means for their teams and to work with them on creating a culture of impeccability in their organizations. Through his highly interactive style, Steve will demonstrate how a culture of impeccability allows you to work smarter, not harder.

Workshop attendees walk away with:

• A clear understanding of how impeccability is a cornerstone of business growth in 2012 and beyond

• Fresh action items to create impeccable experiences tailored specifically for your clients

• Personal i-SAT (Impeccable Service Aptitude Test) score

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