Impeccable Approachability

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #26

Impeccable Approachability:

Sometimes a 2-minute “human” phone call can replace 10 minutes invested in back-and-forth — often-misinterpreted — e-mails. Don’t bury or exclude your phone number from your web site. Instead, place it on every page.


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  1. Eric Abramson says


    This is a great tip. It removes the stress of an additional email (I have already received 77 emails and it is only 9:30 am) while adding a bit of personal interaction which is sorely needed these days.

    Another excellent tip. Thanks!

  2. This is absolutely right on target! Plus, when you are on the move like I am most of the time it could be difficult to get to email until the end of the day. I can always make a call……

  3. I’ve already done this & I think it’s great advice. Most people don’t have unlimited data plans on their phones, so if you can first *find* your e-mail in the wave that we get every day, then you have to make the time & place to respond.

  4. Steve Dorfman says

    @Eric: you know it!

    @Rick: You’re the king of this

    @Dan: good point


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