A Customer Service Contradiction

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #51

A customer service contradiction:

“Please hold … your call is important to us.”

Instead, offer clients a call-back or at least quote them a wait time.


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  1. Steve, this might be the best one yet! I’ve always had a funny reaction when I heard those words as I’m trying to navigate the phone tree and find a real person! Thanks!

  2. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for your daily tips
    They are to the point and at times helpful

    Perhaps we can have a chat (Phone first)some day regarding some of my company needs. Lets try to coordinate our schedules.


  3. Phil Smith III says

    Right — I always translate that to, “Your call actually ISN’T very important to us; if it were, we’d have staffed sufficiently to handle load, and/or at least offered you alternatives. Sorry ’bout that. Now go away.”

  4. @Terry: crazy that it’s so commonly used, right?

    @Mr. Landa: looking forward to speaking soon.

    @Phil: Agreed! Well said.

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