Impeccable Encounters

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #70

Impeccable Encounters:

As you approach that next client or prospect, remember to hold your “stuff” (briefcase, iPad, folder, binder, keys, coffee cup, etc.) with your left hand/arm. This way, you won’t be fumbling around in front of them to free your right hand for that all-important handshake.


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  1. Great tip. That leads me to another one: If you are eating finger food at a cocktail party, be sure to eat it with your left hand (not the right one). This way, you are not shaking your hand after just having food on it.

    Of course, if you are in the Middle East, then just don’t eat… since you do not eat with the left hand in the Middle East… Historically, they used the left hand for other things.

  2. Awesome tip, especially important for me because often I have a 12 Chefs knife in my right hand.

    Reminds me once when I was pulled over about 20 years ago, and I had an (ahem)”issue” with my registration at the time and the officer was looking around inside my car. I gently let him know that behind the passenger seat was a very long and concealed Chefs knife, and just so he knows, I was a cook at Houstons.

    He was thankful I let him know. So was I….


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