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Impeccable Customer Service Tip #85

Today, client engagement is often supplemented by — and requires at least some level of — computer savvy (i.e., social media basics, CRM, smartphone calendars (or at a minimum, copy & paste)).

Dare I say…

Declaring that you’re “technologically challenged” is no longer as cute and acceptable as it once was. I recommend learning the basics, or perhaps you could consider assigning it to someone on your team.


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  1. Gale Paige says

    so very true!

  2. Bev Nerenberg says

    OK Steve — you got me with this one. “I’m technically challenged” used to be my mantra, and I appreciate your push to me to cut that out. I clicked on the Social Media Basics link in your blog and was so excited and relieved that you are leading me in this effort. AND, that RSS video is fabulous!! Thanks a lot — I got the message and am in action……at last.

  3. This one hit home. I have some reps that work for me that use this excuse regularly. In this technology age, it just isn’t acceptable. Each individual needs to learn how to use a computer/tablet/smartphone and really appreciate how all of this technology makes us so much better and allows us to “touch” our clients and potential clients. Thanks Steve!


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