Impeccable E-mailing

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #130

ALWAYS sprinkle the recipient’s name in there somewhere. Always.


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  1. Phil Smith III says

    Really? Why? Because they don’t have an email client that shows them who it was addressed to?

    I’ve never understood this. Of course when the note is to several folks and there’s a point to be made specifically to one, you need to say “Bob, what do you think about this?” — but if the note is ONLY to Bob, putting his name in the body makes you look like a nimrod who’s not used to email.

  2. Perhaps I should have elaborated on this one, Phil. Email can become very impersonal if we’re not intentional about it.

    I think our relationships would benefit if we’d just treat email conversations more like in-person conversations.

    In person, we sprinkle the other party’s name in the conversation from time to time. I’m suggesting we do the same for email.

  3. It always makes me feel good when people use and remember my name. I think it creates a more human and personal connection. While I can also feel when some people want to keep distance and consider you just another customer.

  4. Phil Smith III says

    Steve, <== Look! Your name! (But I'm replying to a specific post)

    In a one-on-one in-person conversation, I don't — and people I speak with don't — sprinkle the other party's name in the conversation except when irritated ("Bob, I already TOLD you that!").

    When would you do that?

  5. Phil, I’ve noticed (and you may begin to notice, too) that it happens naturally when in person. Sometimes we may not even realize we’re doing it:

    • “When is that birthday party again, Terry?”
    • “By the way, Sarah, did I tell you what we’re doing at the office next month?”
    • So, Mike, I’ve been meaning to ask you something…”

  6. Phil Smith III says

    Hm. Not in one-on-one conversations that I’ve been part of. Feels…stilted and artificial.

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