Impeccable Impressions

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #217

Writing errors (grammatical/technical) can imply rushing, laziness, ignorance, or even lack of care. Spell-check doesn’t equal proofread. Before hitting ‘send,’ ‘post’ or ‘share,’ be sure to give it a once-over. (And for the really important stuff you may want to use a “second set of eyes.”)



  1. Steeve, your spot on. two many peeple have tearable grammre and jist dont check there emales befor sending them out. LOL!

  2. Phil Smith III says

    yes, Yes, YES!!! “Oh, it doesn’t matter”; “They know what I mean”; “Nobody notices that stuff”.

    Often true. But not always. Do you want to lose/irritate a customer because they think you’re an idiot? Some of us *do* notice such things. And wonder why someone to whom we’re paying significant $$$ writes like a fifth-grader.

    ObAnecdote: We had a CEO at one point who actually wrote semi-coherently, but had no idea how to use punctuation: he didn’t use nearly enough. We used to joke about buying him a “bag of punctuation” for a present…

  3. Funny stuff.

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