Impeccable Accuracy

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #244

When writing to (or about) someone, don’t risk the chance of misspelling their name. Instead, copy/paste their name from a reliable source (i.e. Google profile, LinkedIn, their own e-mail signature block, company directory, etc.).


  1. Indeed. Long ago — after invention of movable type but pre-Internet — I was Proof Editor of my high school newspaper. Proofreading a movie review I saw a famous director’s name misspelled. So I fixed it. Then (overnight, I think) I checked it. It had been correct and I’d bollixed it! Fortunately, I was able to unbollix it before the paper went to print. Lesson learned.

    But regarding using LinkedIn, signature blocks, company directories (even email From lines!) as definitive information — be careful. I’ve reported spelling errors and other egregious mistakes in all those sources to their owners. (And had diverse reactions ranging from no response (not even correcting) to fixing with no reaction to strong thanks.) They all SHOULD be reliable — but if it’s a critical matter (e.g., designing an award plaque!) be very careful what you believe.

    As a side note, I’m blessed — or cursed — with having mistakes in print jump out at me as though they’re blinking, in color. (I want to mark up restaurant menus!) But I’ve learned that this isn’t a universal trait. So if YOU don’t tend to see errors, use spell check and a buddy system to ensure that you’re not making mistakes in your LinkedIn profile, signature block, company directory, or email From lines.

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