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Impeccable Customer Service Tip #253

The subconscious mind loves analogies, metaphors, visualizations, and positive terms. So, imagine sitting down to an amazing lunch with a favorite client at your favorite restaurant while excitedly sharing future success stories … in great detail. Now, how’s that feel?


  1. Fantastic suggestion, Steve. I’ve found visualization to be incredibly powerful … yet it never occurred to me to employ in a business setting as you suggest. Brilliant. My high school basketball coach first introduced me to visualization, emphasizing the importance of imagining all the details as you have. Not just the details of the success story — how you achieved it, when you got the news, the implications for your business — but also the details of the whole encounter. How did that fillet taste? It creates a hunger (pardon the pun) for the entire experience, not just the achieving but also the striving, which anchors your commitment to see the effort through.

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