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Impeccable Customer Service Tip #276

Catch your employees (and/or coworkers) doing something remarkable for your customers and clients, appreciate them for it, and — with their permission — share their success story with the rest of your team.


  1. Along these lines, when I last ran a support team, I encouraged folks at the start of our weekly meetings to share a positive customer service experience that they’d had, and then we’d talk about why it was exceptional. One of my favorites was a young lady at the service desk of a big-box hardware store. Not only was she cheerful and engaged, but she was clearly the go-to person for the rest of the staff: as I waited in line, she was besieged by other employees asking here where things were and the like. All of which she handled with aplomb. If I’d been hiring, I would have tried to lure her away — if she could do that job, she could handle software customers, I’m sure!

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