Impeccable Languaging

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #315

When phoning a client, instead of asking, “Am I catching you at a bad time?”; ask, “Am I catching you at a good time?” What other customer-centric approaches have you tried?


  1. Yesterday I used your Impeccable Customer Service Tip to help a client see how “engineering the customer experience for his *existing* and new customers” is critical to his growth and ROI. Thanks for this reminder. It makes sense, but sometimes decision makers forget this!

  2. Thanks, Steve, for your tip today on “Impeccable Languaging.” I’ve had this practice for years! It’s something I picked up in the beginning of my career when a colleague of mine always asked “Am I catching you at a bad time” and I thought – gee, there has to be a more positive way of asking that question. Thanks for sharing that more positive version with us!

  3. Thanks for sharing that, Becky. Glad to help!

    Great observation, Shira! A little surprising that more folks don’t catch things like this … but I guess you and I are here to help 😉

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