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Impeccable Customer Service Tip #353

Rushing a slow person or moving too slowly with a fast-paced person can be unsettling for them. Remaining agile and matching the pace of your customer will help put them at ease.

Impeccable Customer Service Culture

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  1. Steve – Another excellent point!

    I met a guy yesterday for lunch. It was our 1st meeting after 2 phone calls. I learned something very important… Actually, I was re-taught a lesson I learned many years ago, but had since forgotten. When we met to shake hands, I was focused on the meeting we were about to have . He was focused on “reading my energy”. Even more astounding – he’s a financial services advisor to high cap clients and emerging companies with high potential.

    When we talked about this after our meeting, he said that when he meets someone in person, the first 10 seconds are crucial. He pays particular attention to their handshake (hand position, finger position, strength), their foot position, eye contact, cock of their head, facial expressions, even breathing. His purpose was to learn how my energy was flowing as we entered what could be a alliance between us. WOW.

    Then this morning, your email was the first I opened. I think I’m being told to pay attention to this. Your readers might do the same.

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