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Impeccable Customer Service Tip #338

Designing the most effective impeccable customer experiences begins with a dialogue, not a policy. Your people will support what they help to create and “ownership” trumps “buy-in.”

Impeccable Customer Service Culture

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  1. Chuck Browning says

    Through ownership…policy is born. At some level in the organization this process creates policy.

  2. Chuck Browning says

    Good process. Remember to re-invent the process as key personnel change. Often the difference between taking ownership and policy is simply repeating the process of creating policy that is already in place. Thus allowing the next generation to take ownership.

  3. I appreciate the idea of dialogue (rather than policy) driving impeccable customer experiences. I plan to use this by notifying our clients that their collective comments have brought about the changes they will soon be seeing on our website.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with both of you. Thank you, Chuck and thank you, Jonathan for adding your valuable insights and ideas.

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