Impeccable Follow-through

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #368

Ownership means following up with that customer to be sure they got what they needed; that they found resolution. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the “right” person for the task — If you’ve “touched” it, take responsibility for their situation and a positive outcome. Close the loop. Own it.

Impeccable Customer Service Culture

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  1. My one very important point I like to point out to my team is… if you are working with a customer and informed them that you would contact them on a certain day/time, be sure you do. Even if you do not have your “answer” for them yet, call them and let them know you are “still working” on it.

  2. Such a great lesson, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hopefully that everyone “owns” your guests experience, they’ll be overwhelmed with overall sense of care…nothing wrong with that..

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