Impeccable Greeting

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #410

Ditch the trite and often cold “Can I help you?” and replace it with a warm and simple “Hello!” when greeting someone in person. Your customer will likely reciprocate with warmth and friendliness and move naturally into what they want or need, without needing to be prodded.

Impeccable Customer Service Culture

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  1. I just had a nice breakfast at a local diner…the owner is a nice guy, once you know him. His service is certainly acceptable, but a lack of warmth is obvious, at least to me.

    He greets his guests who walk in the door with a shout across the bar “Any table please!”

    Wouldn’t take too much to change the tone and message…can still be quick and efficient, but warmer.

    Lessons are all around us.

  2. Excellent example, Tony. Thanks!

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