Impeccable Telephoning

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #423

I’ve never met anyone who liked being placed on the receiving end of a speakerphone call. Avoid doing that to your customers and clients.

(Special note to drivers: I strongly advocate hands-on driving (no handheld calls and definitely no texting while driving, even where it’s not the law), so if you’re using *that* type of speakerphone, you may just want to let your customer know why.)

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  1. Steve Pohoryles says


    In regards to today’s tip, I try to not call customers and clients from a mobile phone at all. I believe a phone call from a mobile phone, especially when driving ( hands free or hand held) indicates that your time from a landline is not important to reserve for them. At least that’s the way I feel when I am the customer and I get a call from someone on the road. The exception to this in my opinion, both ways, is that either you are out of town and return a call from a mobile phone or they have placed you a call while you are away from the office and time is of the essence in getting back to them promptly and the return call from a mobile phone is necessary. Those are my thoughts on this topic.
    Thanks Steve. See you next week! Twice!

  2. That’s a great rule to follow, Steve.

  3. Great advice, Steve. Use a headset. Both parties hear better. Less distortion, and more privacy.

  4. Yes, quality headsets are great, Sally. I use mine often.

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