Impeccable Hiring

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #433

Your front-line people are the “face” of your business. Your company’s image and its reputation are made up of countless “moments of truth.”




  1. Tracey O'Donnell says

    Good Morning! I couldn’t agree more, and I have written letters of appreciation for employees of other companies who make deliveries to us or come on a regular basis for various reasons, because they are professional, considerate and efficient. Their preformance makes the company shine and stand out among others! I also think that people who answer the phones speak volumes about a comapnies customer service. Any owner should calll their main line on a regular basis. They might be suprised, first impressions are priceless!

  2. Yes, Tracy. And too often their efforts go unacknowledged (not unnoticed, but unacknowledged). So your thoughtful letters do a lot to encourage more of the same … or better. It also reminds their bosses that they need to hire more people like that! Thanks for sharing.

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