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Impeccable Customer Service Tip #484

The next time a customer raves to you about their experience, consider asking them the following question: “You can certainly say no to this, but would you be willing to say that again in a quick video testimonial?” You may be surprised at how many people are happy to oblige. They are, after all, your raving fans.




  1. Don Brenits says

    I think today’s “Impeccable Customer Service” post is a terrific idea but how would you implement it?
    If the customer says yes to the request, the only immediate available tool is your smartphone(I have an iphone), but that does not take very good quality pictures/video to use on a professional web page.
    What do you recommend?

  2. @Don: Years ago, I believed that only “polished” (professionally-produced) videos should be posted to my site. In some instances this may be true, but when it comes to client testimonials, “raw” is just as good … or perhaps even better. The “real” and “in-the-moment” feeling is authentic and that conveys to the viewer. Most of mine are taken using my handheld Flip camera (no tripod) and I’ve also begun using my iPhone. You can see those samples here:

    By the way, you might also enjoy this:

    I thank you for your interest,

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