Impeccable E-mailing

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #499

Professional e-mail signatures are great, but can also become clutter in a thread of back-and-forth messages. It’s okay to include your signature in one or two of your messages throughout an e-mail thread, but any more than that and your recipient may feel it’s being overdone and feel annoyed at the unnecessary clutter.




  1. Light bulb. Your impeccable thought just made me realize how annoying it can be scrolling through an email thread with multiple email signatures. No longer, THANKS!

  2. True, but we need an email programmer to come up with the fix. After a couple of emails I don’t even see my address block because it’s at the very bottom.

  3. Keller Shinholser says

    In addition, with the block emails coming on smartphones, there are SO many attachments that you don’t know what is a signature and what is an attachment.

  4. Yes, the signature lines that are Oh-so-pretty images are the worst! Not only do they come across as an attachment – Keller – you can’t copy/paste the info into your contact list.

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