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Impeccable Customer Service Tip #794

According to Gallup, providing advice/learning opportunities is a high-level client expectation that is powerful enough to turn prospects into advocates. Candidly, no other marketing effort has yielded me as many new clients as these Tips of the Day.
So, my questions to you is, “What are you waiting for? Can you provide your own tips of the day, or some other advice/learning opportunities for your customers and clients?




  1. Steve, did you write this JUST for me?

    So glad to see your tips continue to grow and impress…
    Great reminder for me to get back on the horse.. I think we spoke of your process for doing these, would you want to share with your tribe?


  2. Sure thing, Tony.

    Step 1: create a central document of quick tips related to your industry or niche. These can be inspired by — and distilled from — things you’ve already written and/or personal/professional experiences of your own … as they happen. Every time something happens that could parlay into a quick tip, just add it to your central doc. (By the way, I’ve chosen to publish my original tips Mon-Thu and an attributed customer-centric quote every Friday. This means I’m only having to generate original content for 4 days of the week)

    Step 2: populate your blog site with pre-scheduled tips (I do this once a week). Then, via a listserv tool like MailChimp, you can begin scheduling delivery to your tribe.

    Step 3: be consistent. Yes, it’s a commitment. One should not be “impeccably inconsistent” with something like this.

    Step 4: interact with your tribe, when they’ve taken the time to comment … especially if they’re a first-timer.

    Step 5: promote this service (without being obnoxious or overbearing, of course) via social media, help from friends/colleagues, and any time you find yourself in front of an audience.

    Step 6: Enjoy! Have fun with it. If it’s not fun for you, then perhaps you could outsource the heavy lifting (**but I believe the tips should be your own, especially if you’ll be using this marketing idea to attract clients/customers by demonstrating your expertise**).

    I hope that helps, Tony. Did I forget anything?

  3. Amazing, I know this will help many, also thought about using a Special Twitter handle or something like hootsuite to deliver?

    So I understand correctly, this is essentially a “newsletter” short format that is a special sign up for your tribe, JUST getting these tips? I know you do an excellent job of segmenting the content that you publish…valuable for your followers to sign up for JUST what they want.

    I know you’ve shared that it’s a bit of work (obviously worth it) and just thinking of any way to streamline the process. As you said, this could be so powerful for any type of industry really…

    Great stuff!

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