The Curriculum

The Driven To Excel Selling System has been designed to be powerful and effective with lasting results.

Many people leave traditional sales training programs, seminars and workshops saying the same things:

“That was a good refresher course.”


“It was good for me to get ‘back to the basics.'”

Recognizing what people have been stating about sales training programs and seminars for decades, we realized an opportunity to be unique, while providing something of tremendous value.

Our programs are designed to be effective and powerful, right from the start. We provide an interactive training process for learning and sharing. The material is entertaining, engaging and stimulating while being delivered in “bite-size” portions. Success in The Driven To Excel program relies less on technique and more on a deeper sense of yourself and your personal power. All of the following topics are taught from a context of authenticity, professionalism and integrity:

  • Presentation Skills – Ever wonder how your clients see you?
  • Dominant buying motive – Without uncovering it, we are simply spinning our wheels and talking to walls. Instead, discover how to ‘speak’ into their ‘listening’
  • Effective and powerful communication through E-mail – It’s the most respectful use of your client’s time and today’s preferred contact method.
  • Phone etiquette and phone skills – Can what we say and how we say it make or break deals?
  • Generating referrals – regardless of your experience in sales (long or short)
  • Managing your buyer’s 3 emotional hot buttons – Leaving your clients feeling smart, important, and valued
  • Client convenience and time value – Ever heard this one? — “Look! I don’t want to waste my time or yours.”